FAQ on ROC Compliance for Company

/FAQ on ROC Compliance for Company

1. What are ROC Compliances

Company is a corporate entity and is operated by legal rules and procedures given under the Companies Act 2013. ROC is known as Registrar of Companies under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs looks after the compliances of Companies under its jurisdiction. Every Pvt. Ltd. company irrespective of its size has to file returns and documents to comply with the legal requirements given in the Act and is known as ROC compliances.

2. What are the ROC compliances applicable for Pvt. Ltd. Company?

Filing of Annual returns via Form MGT 7 & Form AOC 4
Complying with AGM documentation
Maintenance of Minutes book and Statutory registers
Timely issue of Share certificates
Yearly Disclosure of Interest by Directors
ROC Filing for Event based compliances as given below
Issue or new Allotment of Shares
Change of name and Main objects of the Company
Appointment & Resignation of Directors
Transfer of Shares
Appointment of MD or CEO
Change in the Registered Office
Change in the Authorized Capital/ Paid-up Capital
Charge registration upon taking secured loan
Drafting Resolutions for various meetings
Changes in DIN

3. What is Annual ROC return filing process?

After the AGM for the year, every company is required to file itsAnnual Return(MGT-7) with theROC within 60 days of AGM along with the Financials(AOC-4) within 30 days of AGM.The Auditor Appointment (ADT-1) to be filed within 15 days from the AGM.

4. What are Board Meetings and their compliances?

Board meeting is a meeting of Board of directors of the company held for management of the Company. First Board Meeting to be held within 30 days of date of incorporation and every Private Limited Company must hold
minimum of 4 Board of Directors meeting in a year i.e. 1 in every Quarter.

5. What is an Annual General Meeting?

AGM is a meeting of Shareholders to be held every financial year to meet and decide upon the approval of Accounts, distribution of dividends, appointment or reappointment of directors and Auditors.First AGM to be held within 9 months from the date of closing first financial year. Subsequent AGM to be held
within 6 months from the date of closing of the next financial year.

6. Appointment of Statutory Auditors of the Company

The Board of the Directors of the Company shall within 30 days of the incorporation of the Company appoint a Statutory Auditor of the Company who shall be a qualified Chartered Accountant. Further if the Board fails to
appoint the first Auditors, the members of the Company shall within 90 days appoint the first Auditors.Thereafter in the first Annual General Meeting of the Company the Statutory Auditor shall be appointed for a period of five years.