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ROC Offer-Pvt Ltd AMC

/ROC Offer-Pvt Ltd AMC

Secretarial AMC for Pvt Ltd Company

Company is a corporate entity and is operated by legal rules and procedures given under the Companies Act 2013. ROC is known as Registrar of Companies under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs looks after the compliances of Companies under its jurisdiction. Every Pvt. Ltd. company irrespective of its size has to file returns and documents to comply with the legal requirements given in the Act and is known as ROC compliances

For your convenience and keeping in mind cost constraints that startups face we have the following offers.
Service Plan 1 : Just Incorporated Plan 2 : Starting up Plan 3: Blooming
Preparation and Filing of Form AOC 4 - Annual Accouns
Preparation and Filing of Form MGT 7 - Annual Return
Preparation of Minutes and other documents related to the Board Meetings
Preparation of Minutes and Other documents related to Annual General Meetings
Assistance in appointment of Auditors
Drafting of Resolutions 5
On Call Company Law Advisory 5
Preparation of Directors Disclosures
Cost 4999 6999 7999
Add : GST 899 1259 1439
Total Cost 5898 8258 9438
Offer Price 4499 5499 7499

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