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Direct Tax

/Direct Tax


Income Tax Compliances

Direct taxes amounts for the single largest expense for any business or individual which is directly borne by the entity or person. Suitable efficiencies and optimisation of taxes paid and legally possible tax planning can lead to substantial savings for any business entity.

We provide an entire array of direct tax services from individuals to multinational companies

Tax Services for Individuals

For salaried employees

Rent Earners

Interest Earners

Capital Gain Working including advance tax and returns – on sale of property / shares / securities

TDS on immovable property purchase

TDS on Rent payable in certain cases.

Tax Planning and Investments Planning

Tax Services for Small Business’s

For turnovers upto 20 lakhs where no GST Registration is taken

For turnovers between 20 lakhs and 2 crores where GST registration is obtained whether or not complete books of accounts are maintained.

Advance Tax Workings

TDS where applicable

Income tax returns without audit as per Section 44AD or 44ADA etc.

Income tax returns with audit of accounts as per section 44AB

Advisory on transactions

Tax Planning


Tax Services for Large and Medium Business’s

Quarterly review of Direct taxes for proactive tax planning

Advance tax workings

TDS workings

ETDS returns, form 16/ form 16A, Payments, advisory etc.

ETDS defaults and notices where applicable

Advisory on Transactions

Tax Planning

Income tax returns with or without Audit u/s 44AB

Assessment, appeals and other litigations.

Approvals and reply to regular notices from the department.

Tax Services for Expatriates / NRI’s / Foreign Business Entities

Quarterly Review of Direct taxes

Advisory on applicability and savings as per relevant DTAA

Income tax returns with our without audit U/s 44AB and U/s 92

TDS on Domestic Transaction and compliance there of

TDS on International Transaction along with form 15CA/CB compliance

FEMA support on transactions

Assessment, appeals and other litigations.

Approvals and reply to regular notices from the department.

Other Tax Services

Returns for Trusts and NGO’s

Returns for Cooperative Housing Society

TDS Compliances for Housing Societies , Trusts, and other Entities

Assessments and Appeals and other Litigations

Applications and Approvals like lower deduction of tax, Trust/ Ngo Registration , 80 G approval, etc.

Tax Advisory on Specific transactions for tax planning

Why choose Us?

Finegral is a professionally run service organization with a wide expertise in all aspects of the finance, tax and accounting domain catering to the micro, small and medium enterprises with the highest level of Business Etiquettes, Commitments and Honesty.


Dedicated Support Team

We have a dedicated customer support team, maintaining an average turn around time  8 working Hours.

Competitive Pricing

We have a competitive pricing for all our services with an Honest Commitment and Quality.

Single Window Service

We offer an entire bouquet of finance tax secretarial under a single window.