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Internal Audit / MIS

/Internal Audit / MIS

Internal Audit / MIS

Internal Audit is a high level function within the finance and accounts function of an organisation to ensure that the set process and procedures are being followed , find discrepancies , leakages and improvement areas. It is the most effective tool available to various stakeholders and mainly to the management of an organisation to ensure timely action on issues pointed out so that corrective measures can be proposed and implemented.

MIS on the other hand can work in tandem with the accounting function to generate a systematic report on a required frequency for use by the respective shareholders containing data points for decision making and planning.

We offer a wide array of services in this respect for use by various small, medium and large scale business’s

Internal Audit of an organisation with an existing accounting team to improve on its process and procedures.

Internal Audit as a part of the mandatory requirement by the companies act or other applicable legislations

Internal Audit as a support function to the accounting team designed with an aim to supervise and control the accounting team specially where the accounting team is amateur or the business is expanding

MIS with or without Internal Audit as above to provide concise third party attested data points for decision making

MIS for companies, branches of companies, franchise centers, subsidiaries of foreign companies where the owners and accounting team is locationally and/or  functionally disjoint

MIS and/or Internal Audit functions for parent companies / parent entities for planning , budgeting or monitoring reasons.

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