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Payroll – Finegral Consulting




A separate payroll division to cater the various needs of Companies with respect to salary processing on an outsourced basis.  This will help to:

  • Free up energies for Management to concentrate on core functions and
  • Ensure that all compliances with respect to Salaries are done diligently with a strict adherence to Internal and statutory deadlines.
  • Maintain Confidentiality of data and information   
  • Cost Effective as against hiring an internal resource  

Some Info on our Payroll Services

We run a helpdesk for employee queries on their payroll with an advanced ticketing system that allows both us and the employees to have a visibility of all queries and resolution thereof

Each employee gets a start-up kit from us at the time of joining and at the beginning of every financial year that includes:

  • A detailed list of dates on when they should expect what from us and vice versa
  • What documents they need to obtain and maintain for submission and for their tax records
  • The tax/exemption limits relevant for the year, etc

A monthly upload sheet is provided to the client which can be uploaded to your Bank’s website and online transfers can be made on one click if supported by your bank.

Some of the confidentiality measures that we have incorporated are:

  • All communication from our end happens to authorised person at the client which is normally the management and/or the HR department
  • All attachments, be it payslips to individual employees or payroll reports to the management are kept highly confidential
  • The help-desk replies to authorised persons only on payroll related queries
  • The team working on payroll is made aware of the critical nature of the data and access is restricted to specified persons only by user rights

Why choose Us?

Finegral is a professionally run service organization with a wide expertise in all aspects of the finance, tax and accounting domain catering to the micro, small and medium enterprises with the highest level of Business Etiquettes, Commitments and Honesty.


Dedicated Support Team

We have a dedicated customer support team, maintaining an average turn around time  8 working Hours.

Competitive Pricing

We have a competitive pricing for all our services with an Honest Commitment and Quality.

Single Window Service

We offer an entire bouquet of finance tax secretarial under a single window.