Ashwini Deshmukh

Ashwini Deshmukh / Internal Accounting

This company treats you like you are part of the family and they genuinely care about your personal goals and success. If you work hard for the company, they work hard for you. Read More

Sudarshan Raut

Sudarshan Raut / Team Leader – Accounting

 I believe that this firm is committed to the development and realization of my professional career goals and objectives. I have never had the feeling of been just a number. I feel the camaraderie in the office between all levels of employees, which creates an energetic work environment where one can easily create and share new ideas.Read More

Krutika Ostwal

Krutika Ostwal / Team Leader – Direct Taxes

There is open communication within all levels of the organization. The company strives for a friendly,team-oriented atmosphere and provides a caring and supportive attitude to all employees. We are not micro-managed and that freedom makes us more responsible and productive Read More

Shalaka Salunke

Shalaka Salunke / Team Leader – Indirect Taxes

I have been associated with his office for more than 5 years now.I started as an intern to where I am today. There is a good balance work and personal time. We at Finegral believe that we are all part of a team striving to reach the goal and no one can do it alone. Read More

Yogesh Gupta

Yogesh Gupta / Assurance and Finance

The team is as young and dynamic as required. The work culture is amazing. The proprietary approach to role and responsibility with adequate team support is what I find really helpful.

Anil Agarwal

Anil Agarwal / Strategy and Management Consulting

The team is always receptive to suggested changes in work environment, process and procedures. Continuous graduation of the team from a person based approach to system is Finegrals USP . Read More

Tushar Ramchandani

Tushar Ramchandani / Secretarial and FEMA

In the last few years of my association with Finegral I have developed several soft skills like attention to detail, team building and management. It feels awesome to work with a holistic approach.Read More

Amol Gindodiya

Amol Gindodiya / Taxation

With the recently GST as well as the dynamic world of Direct Taxes keeps the team motivated to be on the edge of the learning curve without compromising of efficiency.Read More

Nitin Kahale

Nitin Kahale / Outsourced Accounting

 I have been associated with Finegral as a part of management since the very inception. It is over-welhming to see the team grow from amateur newbie professionals to seasoned professionally managed team.Read More